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Powered by the cloud-based Interprefy Platform, we deliver remote simultaneous interpretation services (RSI) to all your events. Our technology has supported professional simultaneous interpreters working remotely around the world, in more than 300 events. To date, our largest events include remote interpretation services in more than 10 languages and more than 10 concurrent breakout sessions while thousands of attendees listen seamlessly on their smartphone or electronic device, in their language of choice. 

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is the smart solution for delivering live translation excellence to your event at a fraction of the cost. Professionally trained human interpreters leverage the use of our technology to provide high quality interpretation to your live conference or your virtual meeting audience.

RSI also works wonderfully with RF/IR systems and wireless receivers/headsets. 

Broadcast any message to your global audience with our simultaneous interpretation feeds in all languages!


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RSI is ideal for events of all types, including conferences, small business meetings, lectures, workshops, discussion panels, webinars, and focus groups.

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