Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Case Studies


The following are two case studies that highlight some of the benefits to our clients of our Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services. 


Case Study #1:

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Industry: Food

Total Attendees: 9,000

Requiring Interpretation: 1,000

Languages: 8

Number of Days: 2

Number of Parallel Sessions: 2

Challenges: The client was concerned about offering conference interpretation services to delegates in the traditional way. Setting up 9 booths required a lot of space and labor. Moreover, providing headset receivers for so many people over several days was logistically difficult and costly. In previous years, some groups of delegates had also complained about the quality of the interpretation, particularly for Korean and Japanese.

Solution: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on the Interprefy Platform. By providing remote interpreters, there was no need for booths. Listeners were able to simply download our application on their smartphone to listen to the interpretation in their language of choice.

InterpreNet selected high-level conference interpreters for all languages.  Our Project Management team scheduled interpretation tests and meetings between interpreters and the client’s designated regional contacts to ensure and confirm that all interpreters had the appropriate level of experience and qualification to interpret at this event.  

Result: The event was a complete success. The audio quality of the interpretation coming in through the smartphones was excellent. There were no audio drops or disconnections. The interpretation quality in each language was excellent and everyone was pleased.


Case Study #2:

Location: Jamaica

Industry: Inter-Governmental

Total Attendees: 40

Requiring Interpretation: 40

Languages: 6

Number of Days: 20

Challenges: The client was concerned about the high cost of flying high-level interpreters for a very long conference. The elevated hotel and other accommodation expenses meant a cost-effective solution was required. This event normally ran well on traditional Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, so any alternative solution had to meet the existing audio quality and interpretation standards that were already in place.

Solution: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on the Interprefy Platform. By working with remote interpreters located in different countries, InterpreNet helped the client to save a tremendous amount on travel and accommodation for about 15 interpreters.

The Interprefy Platform is designed for large teams of interpreters to work efficiently from remote locations. Interpreters benefit from an advanced interface that enables simultaneous interpretation to take place efficiently in highly interactive meetings, with a lot of discussion, questions and answers. Our RSI Platform is a state-of-the-art system which feeds interpreters excellent audio and video, and user-friendly controls to enable language relay and direct communication with their partners and remote support techs.

By using this platform, our trained RSI interpreters were able to deliver non-stop interpretation to delegates in a very technical scientific and legal meeting.

The delegates were able to listen to the interpretation on their Headset Receivers fed by computers that transmitted the live interpretation from our remote interpreters with virtually no delay.

Result: The event was successful and the delegates were very satisfied with the experience as shown by the survey feedback. They were able to listen to real time interpretation throughout their meeting without any audio drop or decline in the quality of the sound. The quality and accuracy of the interpretation also exceeded their expectations.  


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