Schedule a Demo to Listen to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


Why should I schedule a demo?

Participating in a live demo is the best way to experience Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) in action.


Live Conference Demo

If you are interested in interpretation for live conferences, you should schedule our EventPro Demo. With this demo, we recreate a conference environment for you. While a speaker addresses an audience in one language on your computer, you listen to the real-time interpretation on your smartphone. By downloading our app and listening on your smartphone you can see for yourself how simple and intuitive the RSI process is. The demo will give you confidence that this is the right solution for your next live conference with simultaneous interpretation.

You’ll need a smartphone with earbuds and a computer connected to the internet.


Virtual Meeting Demo

If you are interested in interpretation for virtual meetings, you should participate in our WebMeet demo. With this demo you can listen to live simultaneous interpretation during a brief online meeting, while participants speak in at least two different languages. The demo can also be arranged with any online conference platform of your choice.

You’ll need a computer connected to the internet and a headset with a mic.


Duration and Instructions

All demos take about 5 minutes, followed by Questions and Answers.

Before the demo we will send you some simple demo instructions including your token to access our platform.


To schedule a free demo, click here to email us and include “DEMO” in the subject field. 


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