Interpretation Services


The best way to guarantee an accurate interpretation is through face-to-face interaction. Regardless of the mode of interpretation - whether it is simultaneous (real-time) or consecutive – having your interpreter present on location allows for the most efficient communication between speakers of different languages, and for the highest degree of satisfaction among actual consumers. As a specialized provider of onsite interpreters worldwide, our interpreters are ranked according to their level of certification and technical expertise. We are sure to have the ideal interpreter for your unique project. Learn more.

RSI technology now makes it possible for high-level interpreters to provide real-time or simultaneous translation from a remote location. This interpretation solution can cut down substantially on the normal costs associated with traditional conference interpretation services. Learn more.

VRI is an excellent alternative to onsite consecutive interpretation. Use any device like a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to download our video application and securely connect to a live, face-to-face video interpreter in one of several languages including sign language. Our Video Remote Interpreters are qualified to interpret in legal, corporate and healthcare settings. Learn more.

When an onsite interpreter is not practical for reasons of cost or availability, telephonic interpretation or OPI (Over-the-phone interpretation) is also an optimal solution, particularly for consecutive interpretation. Telephonic interpreting is truly speaking an on-demand service. Dial our toll-free number and you can have access to an interpreter in just a few seconds. You can also choose from more than 200 languages! Depending on the nature of your request, we will assign the telephonic interpreter with the appropriate skill level for your call. Our telephonic interpreters cover a broad spectrum of industries including legal, business and healthcare.  Learn more.

Simultaneous interpretation requires specialized equipment to facilitate real-time translation between languages. As a nationwide provider of conference language services, Interprenet can coordinate interpretation services for thousands of attendees and small groups alike. Our vast network of expert technicians, world-class interpreters and experienced projects managers is there to assist you regardless of the number of soundproof booths, wireless receivers or the type of technology required (FM or Infrared). Learn more. 

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Full range of simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental options


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Certified court interpreters and three-stage quality control for legal translations


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