How RSI Works

RSI Connects Conference and Web Meeting Participants to Interpreters in Remote Locations

IntepreNet’s RSI Platform connects participants, remote simultaneous interpreters and attendees at a conference or web meeting in the following way:


1. A presenter or participant at a web meeting speaks in one language. His audio and video are streamed to the remote interpreter. 





2. A remote interpreter sees and hears the participants at a conference or web meeting on her computer. She then interprets what is said as it is being said, into a different language. 






3. A participant at a conference does not understand a speaker’s language. Instead, she uses her RSI smartphone or computer application to  listen to everything in her own native language. The simultaneous interpretation is streamed live with no delay or drop in quality. She can hear everything as if the interpreter was in the same room next to her.




Additional Features:

- Source RSI Interface allows the presenter or the event tech a user-friendly and secure login for an easy audio and video setup.

- Interpreter RSI Interface gives remote interpreter powerful tools for effective interpretation with one or more partners and in one or several languages. The interpreter hears, sees and can communicate with event speaker through this interface.

- Listener RSI Application can be downloaded by users at an event to easily listen to their language interpretation of choice on any electronic device.

- Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is now available for traditional conference events as well as web meetings and online seminars. 

Please contact us today for a free demo consultation by emailing us at or calling at 877-928-1188 and asking for an RSI specialist. 


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