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RSI technology makes it possible for simultaneous interpretation to be offered remotely. However, the quality of any interpretation is only as good as the ability of an interpreter to interpret what is being said while it is said, from one language into another.

Simultaneous interpreting is often considered the most difficult and demanding form of interpretation. Simultaneous Interpreters are not able to stop to think about the meaning of a word before they interpret it. They need to know and understand what they are hearing in the source language, whether it is specialized or technical terminology in order to convert it into the target language in a synchronized manner with the speaker. If they stop or pause for too long the speaker will have created too much distance, and the interpreter will struggle to keep up with what is being said. For this reason simultaneous interpreters prepare thoroughly ahead of an event, and make sure they only interpret in those areas in which they have experience and proven competence.


RSI Interpreter Qualifications and Experience

For RSI, the interpreters selected by InterpreNet have at least 3 years of experience in simultaneous and conference interpretation. Moreover, they are classified according to their level of specialization and professional qualifications in order for us to match the ideal interpreter to an assignment. With RSI, the interpreters recruited also have superior computer IT skills enabling them to work remotely and to follow the necessary guidelines for a successful simultaneous interpretation.

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