Interpreter Training Courses for Client Organizations


Many of our clients including nonprofit organizations, hospitals, law firms and school districts have bilingual staff. These employees are ideal candidates for our in-house interpreter training programs, designed to teach the basics of healthcare, legal, community and conference interpretation. Bilingual workers may already be required to assist colleagues with patients, parents or clients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) so by taking one of our specialized training courses, they will develop the necessary interpretation skills to bridge language barriers expertly in the workplace.

In order for an employee to qualify for our courses, they must demonstrate oral and written proficiency in English and at least one other language. Depending on the level of experience or prior training of your employees, InterpreNet can customize a training program to meet the needs of your company or department. 

Healthcare Organizations: Bilingual staff can benefit from taking a 40-hour healthcare interpreting course and developing the skills to offer optimal interpretation services during medical appointments, consultations, follow-up patient visits and a host of other situations. 

Law Firms: Bilingual admin staff, paralegals and attorneys can take an introductory legal interpreting course, to assist LEP clients during initial consultations and preparation meetings before hearings and other proceedings like depositions or arbitrations.  

School Districts: Bilingual teachers, social workers and admin staff can take a course on community and educational interpretation, to assist their coworkers during parent-teacher meetings, Individualized Education Programs and other events. 

Nonprofits: In-house translators and interpreters who already have experience with some modes of written translation or interpretation, can climb up to the next level by taking an introductory course on simultaneous and conference interpretation, or other programs that focus on developing a specific skill set, like interpretation in a technical field. 

Courses can be customized and taught to groups of any size. One-on-one training sessions are also available for individual employees. 

Our programs emphasize both theory and practice, preparation for state and national accreditation exams, and the importance of continuing education. 

To learn more about our Training Programs, please email us or call us at 877-928-1188. Request a Quote today by filling out the form on the right of this page. 



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